Do you provide dessert for private parties?

  • The WInery does not provide dessert for private events.  You are welcome to bring in your own for no additional fees and we can refer trusted bakers for you as well. 

What is a "limited open bar"?

  • A Limited Open Bar at The Winery means you will have wines offered to your guest which are priced below $15 per glass at our bar.  Your guests will still have many wines to taste and enjoy as our selection is vast.

I would like to extend my event a few hours.  Is there a fee?

  • Yes, you are welcome to extend your booked private event.  The Fee is $10 more per person for the first hour and $5 for the second hour.   All events on Saturdays must end by 5pm and by midnight on Sundays.

I don't really need an open wine bar as my event is in afternoon, is there a reduced fee?

  • Unfortunately, no.  All our private events excluding weddings begin at $95 per person plus tax and service charge.  You have The Winery exclusively for you and your guests as well as our very professional Private Event Staff--we cannot negotiate pricing below the required fee.

Can we bring in decorations?

  • You are welcome to decorate as you wish.  We just ask you please not use balloons, sparklers,  bubbles indoors or anything really tiny we will find for years to come like glitter / sparkles.  Please speak with our Event Coordinator for more clarification.

Do we have to use one of your referred vendors?

  • Absolutely not.  There are many amazing vendors out there for hire.  We have a list of vendors we highly recommend because they have worked at The Winery before and have done a professional job.  They know our venue very well and we trust them.  But feel free to introduce us to new vendors!

What hours can we visit The Winery if we are interested in a private event?

  • Our Event Coordinator,  will be happy to meet with you for your site visit.  Hours are by appointment only.  But if you are in the area during our business hours, feel free to stop in and visit.  You can always call or email our Event Coordinator with any questions or to schedule an appointment at a later time.